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Welcome to Pan Ramajay Productions. We are proud to offer you a large selection of unique recordings and sheet music of original compositions written for pan by some of the most popular and innovative composers on the pan scene today.

Our catalog consists of sheet music for all ensemble levels as well as jazz fake books and the majority of the pieces in our catalog are featured on one of our many critically acclaimed recordings.

Please take some time to view our entire catalog as you navigate through the website and feel free to contact us should you need further assistance.

Altered Perception
Pan Nation
Andy Narell-ALIVE
Andy Narell
Andy Narell-University of Calypso
Andy Narell
First Impression
Chris Tanner
Roundabout Ways
Lamont Steel Drum Ensemble
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Alan Lightner
Crab Dancing
Rick Henson
Directional Suite Etudes for the Circle of Fifths Tenor Pan
Chris Patterson
Just For Today
Tom Miller
Movin' On
Ray Holman
Ney Ney
Alan Lightner
Pan Magic
Andy Narell
Soca Jammers
Jim Munzenrider
Tempus Fugit
Don Prorak
The Dream
Ray Holman
The Last Word (Oui ma Cherie-abridged version)
Andy Narell
The Last Word (Oui ma Cherie-Panorama version)
Andy Narell
The Wedding
Ray Holman
Through The Years
Ray Holman
Visibly Absent
Andy Narell
We Kinda Music (2014)
Andy Narell
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